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Why Search Engine Optimization with Osiel?

If your small business or home based business uses a website, your internet marketing success is largely determined by whether or not your business web site is visible in major search engines such as Google, Lycos, Yahoo Web Page, MSN Search, AltaVista, AOL Search

Search engine optimization, done effectively, is a very low cost marketing method. If you're looking for the best value for money in online advertising, go for good placement in the major search engines.

1. Targeted Customers.

Research shows that visitors are more likely to purchase products when they find your site through search engines. A visitor who reaches your site through a search engine is actively seeking your product or service. It stands to reason that they're much more likely to buy from you than a passive bystander. Thus, you need search engine optimization.

2. Lower Costs, Higher Profits.

Even if top search engine placement brings only 30 new visitors every day (a very conservative basis), you'll have 900 more visitors per month. Multiply that by 3 (because we maintain your site, FREE, for 3 months) and you have 2700 new, highly targeted visitors to your site. Because they are highly targeted visitors and more likely to buy, your sales conversion rate will be higher too. Let's say you have that 3% of visitors buy from you, and your product is $100. That's $13,500 return on an $888 investment. You get to keep $12,700. Now that's cost-effective marketing!

Why Osiel?

1 .Our Price is Very Affordable.

Other search engine consultants charge from US$1,500 - $100,000 for setup only and charge several hundred dollars in monthly fees. Our price starts from only Rs.10,000 / $210 / £134. Even with such a low price, we maintain high quality services. We feel that "cost-effective" should be defined as "the lowest cost for the greatest effect," and we deliver on this by providing the most cost-effective online marketing services available. For our optimization service, we monitor and maintain your site FREE for 2 months after our initial work.

2. Team of Experts, Spread All Over India.
We are a team of SEO experts. Navneet Kaushal, Director Osiel is a Qualified Management Graduate with specialization in Internet Marketing & from last 5 years he has been helping people understand Internet better and how to incorporate it into their daily lives. Osiel maintains full-time & part time SEO experts on staff who can get better rankings faster.

3. Excellent Track Record.
In all our past search engine promotion campaigns, we have achieved top ranking for our clients. We Have a 100% Success Rate! You can check out some of our recent success stories and site listings in our clients area. When you talk to us, you will be provided with a track record of successful site optimization case studies and rankings reports that will enable you to take the right decision. We have a customer base across whole of the world and delivered search engine optimization services to India, US, UK clients.

4. One to One Customer Service Company.
Our Director, an Account Manager are available to our clients Monday through Friday during normal business hours.We are a one to one customer service company. We support all phases of your SEO campaign.

5. Work With Cutting Edge Technology and Continuously Studies New Topics

To keep up with the changing nature of internet search and classification resources:

  • A comprehensive knowledge base of information is required for maximum results.
  • Continuous research and tweaking is required to maintain top positioning.
  • Search engine optimization is designing, writing, and coding your entire website to maximize your chances of ranking well in search results.
  • Optimization for specific search engines using our expertise will get you more traffic.

Knowing the search engines and trying to figure out how to get decent rankings on them is a Full-time job for us!

6. Use Ethical, Non-SPAM Optimization Techniques.
We optimize your web site using search engine friendly methods, and submit your site by hand. We don't use methods like keyword spamming, hidden text, doorway pages and cloaking because they don't work in the long run. We don't rely on software that may get your site banned by search engines. Search engine submission and optimization must be done ethically. Otherwise, you risk your web site being banned by major search engines, and losing thousands of potential visitors. .

7. Comprehensive Research
It isn't enough to simply be listed - or even listed highly - in the top search engines, you need to be in the right place in each search engine, using the right keywords and descriptions. We Perform Thorough Search Engine Keyword Analysis and Research. Success of search engine marketing largely depends on selecting the right keywords. Unlike our competitors, we spend a lot of effort on keyword analysis and research for you. Not only that, we discuss your keywords with you before we go ahead optimize your web site.