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Who We Are
Osiel is a website designing and development firm providing world class software solutions. Our New Delhi, India based firm is providing outsourcing also for our clients of India and abroad.

We believe that experience and proper strategy is the key to success. So we provide solutions with experienced hands and structure. Our people work diligently to establish a solid understanding of the client’s needs. We always try to share knowledge and resource as needed to accommodate the best possible decision making from client end.

Our Mission

Osiel believes in quality. We represent our company as no.1 in customer satisfaction and quality work. We have a experienced staff and a number of skilled people in our team who has expertise in various area of website such as: website design, website development, search engine optimization and e-commerce.

We provide world best outsourcing services. We are very picky to whom we choose so our clients are from various places of world. Every client expect good work from an outsourcing company and we ensure that with each of our project delivery we fulfill all our clients requirements.

Our team include website designers, developers, SEO, content writers and programmers who are very dedicated towards their work. Before initiating any project they sit with client to understand what he wants from his site. They work with a proper strategy and structure.