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Multimdia CD Presentation India

A Multimedia CD presentation is a high impact visual communication method for your company to relay your products and services to potential clients and customers. An interactive CD presentation also works as a great marketing ploy and is also used to promote new events, launch new products etc.

Osiel's CD presentation designers will tailor make and provide all kinds of CD and multimedia presentation solutions- Presentations Product Catalogue, Voiceover Presentations to ordinary interactive Presentations.

Osiel will develop a CD presentation/ Multimedia presentation for your:

  1. Corporate Communications
  2. Corporate Profile
  3. Inauguration and Presentation of new products and services
  4. Easily create records of your e-business expenditures.
  5. Corporate Presentation
  6. Sales Presentations
  7. Business Presentations
  8. Product Demonstrations
  9. Annual Reports
  10. Product Catalogs
  11. Product Manuals
  12. Live animation, full motion high-quality video, sound, text, vibrant graphic artwork, graphic presentation, graphic illustration.

Osiel's multimedia presentation incorporates technologies such as:

  1. Macromedia Flash
  2. Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Photoshop CS3
  3. Sound Forge.
  4. Streaming audio and video